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Mobilegeddon?!? Don’t panic.

If you are involved in marketing or have a website, here’s something new to worry (a little) about. 

Does your website pass muster on mobile devices? Starting Tuesday, Google is going to reduce the ranking of sites that fail their test.


Don’t panic. See Searchengineland’s well-reasoned advice.  And realize that it affects only phones and not tablets, non-brand traffic, and there is no permanent penalty — the effect goes away as soon as you fix it to Google’s satisfaction. 

It’s a good thing to address anyway and to be honest, it got me to stop procrastinating. This page didn’t meet the criteria until last Friday.

For a WordPress site fixing the issue generally means one of two things: Change themes or contact the theme producer to see if they have an update in the works. It took me just five minutes by updating the theme and turning on a mobile-friendly feature in “Jetpack.”


Customer Over-Service

This one leaves me scratching my head. Someone at Sony thinks this is a good idea.

I sent a Sony camera in for warranty repair. I received a phone call to tell me it’s been placed in the repair queue. A couple of days later, a second phone call to tell me it’s been assigned to a repair tech. Today, a call to tell me, again, it’s been assigned to a repair tech.

I told the caller I would rather not get all these phone calls, that email is better, and that I really just want to know when the job is done. His reply was that it’s there procedure to let customers know the progress. He then confirmed my address and told me I would be notified when it was repaired. So I asked, “I just asked you not to call me and you’re telling me to expect another call?”

Long silence. Then, “Thank you for using Sony.”

My request was apparently so far off-script, he could not address it.

I shrugged and let it go. So strange that in 2013, anyone can build and maintain a service process like this.

(Never mind that it’s been over a week and it’s just now getting into the repair person’s hands. They said the total turnaround time is a couple of weeks. That’s so 1980.)

But She Doesn’t Type


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