Marketing Toolkit: Resources and Extras

Here are the links and other resources cited in, “What Your Business Needs to Know About Marketing: Four Priorities.”

Templates and tools

marketing-roadmapMarketing roadmap (PowerPoint)

Marketing roadmap (Keynote)

Persona template (Excel): Once you identify your personas, you need to describe their characteristics. You can use this sheet to develop the descriptions and then use the result to train your employees so they can rapidly recognize a customer’s persona and know how to meet their needs.

“What Customers Are Telling Us” Survey (Word document): This is a slick way to learn something about your customers using your own staff’s understanding. The people who talk to your customers the most, such as sales and support, already have an intimate understanding of your customers and know what customers react to. This very simple survey can produce remarkable insights quickly.

Resources and references

Start With Why: Simon Sinek’s must-see TED talk about how to do customer-centric messaging by “starting with why.” It includes links to the full, 18-minute video and to a shorter version.

The Benefit of Benefits: Having a hard time breaking the habit of talking about your products, your features, your company? Everyone does! Benefits are the key and here’s how to build the benefits habit to make your messaging customer-centric for all your company’s messaging.

Empathy is the Killer App: Bernadette Jiwa’s book and blog talk about how to appeal to customers’ feelings — which is how people really buy! This was not in the talk. Her book is great reading about customer empathy.

Buyer Legends: Also not in the presentation, this book by the Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg brothers (Internet marketing wizards and best-selling authors) describes how to reach specific customer types and customer missions by writing a story (the buyer’s “legend”). A clever way to fine tune messages for each persona and each use case. A quick read: just an hour or two!

Culture of Content: An advanced paper from Altimeter Group on how to set up a culture of content within your organization. Aimed at enterprises, but there are some good lessons here for smaller companies as well.

Content Marketing Index: Imagine if you not only had more leads, but the leads were more ready to convert to customers. That’s the promise of content marketing. With good content, prospects have already experienced your expertise and already started to trust you. Content marketing is the most powerful way to build both quantity and quality of leads. This is the index to my articles on content marketing and to others books, website, etc. Learn not just how it works but how to amplify content’s effectiveness, to make it easier to obtain or develop, and how to heavily reuse it.

Content Republishing: This might be the most important link in the content marketing section: It tells how to make one piece of content into dozens of pieces, efficiently and in a way that attracts greater audiences.

Moz’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization: One of the best guides to search engine marketing.

Enchanting Marketing: Henneke Duistermaat’s blog and book on marketing writing.

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