Straightforward Marketing for Expert Businesses

You know your business — you’re an expert. But are you expert in marketing it? Are you using marketing tactics that are optimized for you, or are you bolting on a Facebook page and a pretty website and hoping that’s right?

Do you know what you don’t know?

Marketing is not magic. I specialize in straightforward, understandable marketing that your staff can sustain, with simple, clear messaging everyone will know by heart. When we’re done, you and your staff will know what to do. Marketing will no longer be a battle of opinions.

And I understand technology. I’m a nerd, with engineering degrees from Stanford and Princeton.

I can work on a project or hourly basis and I’ll customize to fit your needs. Here are example packages.

  1. The Marketing Strategy Assessment is a unique, efficient method for identifying your customers’ and prospects’ needs without extensive focus groups and surveys. Which marketing tactics matter — for you? Web, video, social media, PR, SEO, search ads, webinars, lead management, marketing automation…? We judge 60 marketing tactics to see which ones match your business needs and generate a simple roadmap your own staff can execute. With a common strategy, everyone in the company works together. Decisions become easy. You will run your business based on insights, not arguments.
  2. Persona Development characterizes your customers so clearly and simply that every employee can know them by heart. The voice of the customer informs every decision, large and small, throughout the company. One client said, “The next day, we were making design decisions we’d wrestled with for weeks, because we all knew what customers would want us to do!”
  3. The Internet can be your 24-hour, automated sales rep. Or it can drive business to your competitors. I’ve been running hugely successful search and content marketing strategies since 1999. “SEO” (search engine optimization) is just part of what you need. My Search and Content Marketing Workshop will build a program that delivers prospects and uses content to drive reputation, expertise, and business.
  4. Other services:

Where to begin? Contact me for a no-cost consultation.

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