We’re excited to announce…

why excited to announce is bad practice

How many times have you seen email or a news release that begins, “We are excited to announce our new…”? Or, quotes from a company executive talking about how “thrilled” or “delighted” they are to be offering this “innovative solution”?

There are two reasons why this is poor practice.

First, it’s radically overused. A Google search for “excited to announce” (with the quotes for an exact match) delivers 95 million matches. You sound derivative, unimaginative, and trite when you use this phrase.

More important, it’s company-centric and narcissistic. Does your customer care how thrilled you are? Instead, give them reasons to be excited.

There are marketing articles that give alternatives to the word “excited,” but let’s do better and eliminate the self-absorbed point of view altogether. Talk about the customer, the top benefit (you know — the one you’re excited about) and the value they will get from whatever you’re announcing.  Most important, start with why. Why should customers be excited about your announcement? Show how you solve the customers’ problems.

Now, that’s exciting.

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