Website, Search, and Internet Marketing Assessment

Is Google leading prospects to you or to your competitors? Do you even know? Is social media working for you?

When people find you, does your website show the right message and lead people to the right action? Do you have the analytics to know what’s working and what needs work?

The Internet can amplify your business. It can increase customer satisfaction and boost your profits! It can be a 24-hour, 365-day automated sales rep.

This analysis will look at your Internet presence in detail. It will tell you how well your website works for your customers, whether it conveys the right messages, and whether it stimulates the right customer and prospect behavior.

The analysis emphasizes search, as it is one of the most powerful forces in modern marketing. Your customers are looking for you, at moments of research and when they are ready to buy. Are they finding you? We will assess your search engine optimization (SEO) and make recommendations. The analysis includes social, mobile, video and media, content marketing, linking, landing pages, analytics, search advertising, and much more.

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