Why sensible marketing makes sense for you

Moe Rubenzahl marketing strategy consultantMarketing should not be a battle of opinions.

I am a marketing strategy consultant specializing in easy to understand, practical marketing. I’ll help you figure out how best to talk about your company and your offerings. Customers will understand how you solve their problems and your employees will know how to talk about your offerings.

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to have genius marketing.

With engineering degrees from Princeton and Stanford combined with 25 years of broad marketing experience, I know how to bridge technology and marketing.

My practice focuses on defined methodologies — an efficient, scientific way to bring effective marketing to any company, decide which marketing tactics are best for your business, and build processes your staff can execute.

Clients range from B2B (3-70 employees, $2-50 million revenue) to large B2B and consumer companies, including a 300-store, $700M retailer.

  • 25 years in marketing, 16 years in digital marketing, managing web and creative teams.
  • Built and managed the B2B website for a Fortune 1000, $2.5B high-tech manufacturer. The primary marketing vehicle for 50,000 customers, the 500,000-page, multi-language website expanded with the company as it grew from $500M in 1999 to $2.5B today and executed a complete rebranding.
  • Created a world-class search engine optimization (SEO) program which delivered more top-5 search ranking positions than much larger competitors, year after year.
  • Implemented content marketing long before it became a “best practice.” Thousands of technical articles, heavily search-optimized, drive customers to millions of product pageviews per month.
  • Deeply experienced marketing communicator: graphics, writing, print and web.

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