Managing Up

In business, we often coach our managers on how to manage people, projects, resources, expectations… We don’t usually coach our staff in how to manage their managers, but this is an important business (and life) skill. I liked this article, 8 Ways to Manage Upwards: Build Trust With the C-Suite and Help Your Marketing Team Succeed, by Sridhar Ramanathan of Aventi Group.

To me, #1 is the most important: “Think Like Your Leadership.”

If you think like your leadership, you are also thinking strategically, and that enhances your career possibilities, while serving the needs of the company and its customers. In a work context, that would look like this: You know (or should know) your company’s mission and elevator pitch. You also know (or should know) the mission and goals of your workgroup. So if you want to get something done, think about these missions and how you can serve them while moving your own program forward.

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