Persona Development

What if everyone in your company knew — really, really knew — your customers and their needs, concisely and clearly? The payoff would be immediate and ongoing: the voice of the customer would inform every decision, large and small, throughout the company.

Persona development characterizes your customers not by demographics, but by behaviors and desires — nothing else. It is separate and distinct from market segmentation. Most businesses need just 2-4 personas. Even billion-dollar, complex consumer businesses rarely exceed six!

Our methodology leads your company’s key strategists and customer-facing staff through an interactive session which taps and refines what you already know about your customers. Together, we define your personas (who they are, their logical and emotional drivers, why they need you, what they want, what you offer, your competitors’ advantages, what unique values will trigger a purchase) so you understand the customers’ voice in a form that is concise enough that every employee can know it by heart and use the same language. The process can often be accomplished in-house without focus groups or surveys, making the process fast and inexpensive. The results can be tested with various levels of surveys if deemed necessary.

One client said, “The next day, we were making design decisions we’d wrestled with for weeks, because we all knew what customers would want us to do!”

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