Marketing Strategy Assessment and Tactical Analysis

Is your marketing working? Is it efficient? Are you executing tactics that don’t work? Are there valuable marketing tactics you’re missing — some you don’t even know exist? Or do you do decide based on pretty good guesses and opinions?

A reasoned marketing strategy replaces guesswork with understanding. Everyone in the company works together. You run your business based on insights, not arguments.

The Marketing Strategy Assessment is a scientific, detailed look at every aspect of how customers, prospects, employees, vendors, investors, and others see you. It finds your customer’s-eye-view without extensive focus groups and surveys, using what your key employees and customer-facing employees already know! A two- to four-hour, detailed survey of your own people reveals what customers value, what challenges you can address, your strengths against competitors and alternatives. It asks questions in multiple ways to uncover what customers are already telling you and what your people have observed both consciously and unconsciously.

Then, a Tactical Analysis looks at the cost and benefit of 60 marketing tactics. Website, email, ads, videos, blogs, social media, PR, search engines, webinars — what’s worthwhile? Your resources are limited — which tactics should you start doing, which should you eliminate? In just a day, you will know what tactics to do now and which can wait. You will maximize bang for the buck using a straightforward, sensible process that minimizes guesswork.

The Marketing Strategy Assessment lays the groundwork for transforming your business.

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