Moe Rubenzahl Marketing is five years oldFive.

It was five years ago that I left the thorny, cozy cocoon that is corporate life and formed my own consulting business building marketing strategies for amazing companies.

It has been great. I love the flexibility, the variety, and most of all, working with the most amaaaazing people. Great clients, all over the world who truly get the value of marketing and smart marketing strategy (unlike the corporate world, sometimes); great allies and experts; networking buddies.

And I get to work with clients who are committed to their VALUES — who understand we have to make a profit but we can make a difference while we make a dollar. Like Network Development Group, Go2Group, Avontus Software, West Marine, Atlassian, Xpand IT, Praecipio Consulting, Cantaloupe Systems, Spartez, ThinkTilt, catworkx GmbH, K15t Software GmbH, Communardo, Coyote Creek, Swagelok Northern California, DailyAlts.

It rarely feels like work.

Finally, a shout out to some of my allies and partners, like Steve Cross, Sridhar Ramanathan, Aventi Group, LLC, Matthew Lewsadder, Liam McInerney, David Rand and I am so sorry for all the ones I am forgetting at the moment!

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