Diversity: Not just the right thing; it’s the smart thing to do

Sheryl Sandberg is my hero but even if she were not, I would be trumpeting her latest stand, reaching out to men about fighting sexism.

It’s important. Members of the undiscriminated class have the greatest ability (and therefore, I would argue, the greatest responsibility) to speak out against discrimination. It’s not fair, but it is true, that it’s harder for a woman’s objections to be heard well.

Standing up is not without risk. But really, all we have to do is to tell the truth in a compassionate way, recognizing that not everyone sees discrimination. And as Sandberg says, it’s worth the risk.

Standing up for diversity is not just about moral or ethical responsibility. Every workgroup, company, country, is in competition. Why would any leader not leap at the chance to enhance the creativity and productivity of 30% of their potential workforce?

Championing diversity is not just the right thing, it’s the smart thing.

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