Search and Content Marketing Workshop

Is Google leading prospects to you — or to your competitors? Do you have a search marketing strategy, or are you just doing “SEO”?

Done right, search engine marketing can deliver motivated, ready prospects at exactly the right time and snatch customers from your competitors. A good content marketing strategy can build relationships, establish your expertise, and serve your brand, while it boosts your presence in search engines. Done badly, it can eat up resources without results, or even get you banned. Just SEO (search engine optimization) is not enough and most SEO “experts” aren’t expert at all.

I’ve been running hugely successful search and content marketing strategies since 1999. I ran the Internet marketing, including world-class search and content marketing for a $2.5 billion Fortune 1000 company, outproducing much larger competitors in search marketing results, without a huge staff and expensive agencies.

My Search and Content Marketing Workshop starts with a strategy presentation, to go beyond simplistic goals such as “we need to be on page one for these 50 words.” I can help your executives see how a smart strategy delivers value that grows and makes you unstoppable.

Next, a highly detailed tactical assessment looks at 25 innovative ways to build content and attract business via search. I will explain each tactic and together, we will rate each tactic for how effective it would be for your business against the cost. You will know where to spend resources. A sortable spreadsheet will show you the high value, low cost items you should do now and a roadmap for future tactics. It also identifies low-value tactics you should abandon.

I can show you how to build a content marketing “machine” that produces quality content, repurposes it for 20 or more channels, and measures results so you can tune the machine. You’ll learn how to magnetize your content so search engines will love it!

We will look at social, mobile, search advertising, messaging, landing pages, conversion, analytics, and feeding your outbound and lead generation campaigns.

The Internet can amplify your business, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your profits! It can be a 24-hour, 365-day automated sales rep.

Put the search engines to work for you! Learn more

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